Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dayna's Apron from Angel Shawnee

This is far out and not realistic but someone might have fun with it. I would love to vacation in
fairyland. Amongst the flowers and ride the snails. to be more in reality
A vacation in a cabin in the mountains deep in the forest. Great meadows of flowers to lie in and
watch the clouds floating by in the sky. I'm a simple gal.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kristin B's Apron from Amy S

I would love to vacation in Paris or Africa

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lori's Apron from Hadley

I would really love a tropical vacation. Anywhere warm - with a beach and lush greenery and tropical flowers
or I'd love to go somewhere in the woods/mountains and go camping and just spend some quiet time enjoying nature.

Donna N's Apron from Amy W

Spain - I love the Spanish coasts and I love the running of the bulls

Greek Islands

Patty's Apron from Paula

I would love to visit japan and Hawaii.

Nichole's Apron from Victoria

My first choice would be something beach realted with tans, blues, maybe some pale green or yellow. My second choice would be Disney themed. Think Minnie Mouse!

Nancy's Apron from Shawnee

1st vaca: 2 weeks at the Greenbriar Resort in W. Virginia. I would take a spa treatment every day and play golf, hike, and eat great food every evening.
2nd vaca:2 weeks at the Wialea resort in Maui in January when it it freezing here in the midwest. Play golf, relax, and eat all the pineapple and papaya that I wanted. Also go to the sushi bar every night for fresh fish. YUM

Jean K's Apron from Angel Sarah C

Number #1- A week in Seattle. My second choice would be a trip to Washington DC.

Amy S's Apron from Jenn W

My dream vacation is taking a month off, loading up the family truckster, and driving out west to see the Grand Canyon, then up to Yellowstone. We also want to go to Hawaii, but with 6 kids, we'll have to save up for awhile.

Cindy S's Apron from Beth V

1. Black & White - Somewhere elegant that I wouldn't normally get to go to.

2. Vacationing at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory.

Marcel's Apron from Angel Beth

Here are the two places I would love to go to:

Beverly's Apron from Tonya

One fantasy vacation is to rent a villa for an entire summer in Tuscany and learn Italian and Italian cooking...and spend the rest of my time making a beautiful watercolor journal. My other dream vaca right now is to go to Iceland, from where I'll take a ferry to the Faroe Islands and then on to Norway to explore that country's geography!

Jean's Apron from Freida

Two special vacations I would like to experience? I have always loved Seattle and though I can visit now, I can't spend the time I would like to. Number #1- A week in Seattle. My second choice would be a trip to Washington DC.

Jenn W's Apron from Kristi SC

I would love to go back to Paris and I have always wanted to go to Spain.

Sherry's Apron from Montserrat

My first vacation choice would have to be Kansas. I left Kansas 12 years ago in Sept. and have only been back once to visit my family. So definitely Wichita, Kansas. My second choice would be .........hhhmmmm......... I haven't been on a vacation in 15 years.......I'm being a little selfish here but somewhere without kids (I have 8 and almost 8 grandkids). Somewhere with a fancy hotel, fancy food and evening gowns (of course, I have to be skinnier to make this a real fantasy!) Lots of shopping and sightseeing and ........... Somewhere like, I don't know, I'm rambling now, like Paris?

Paula's Apron from Lucy

My dream vacation this year would be a cabin by a mountain lake, with a kitchen for some great baking when I'm not hiking or paddling around the lake!

2nd choice vacation would be traveling Ireland and Scotland with tours of some fabulous old castles.

Bree's Apron from Beverly

My two fantasy vacations:
Anywhere were I can sit on the beach

Tammie's Apron from Ellen

One vacation I'd adore would be go to a great city to attend a pastry or baking class. I'm a cake decorator, love cookies and cupcakes, and I want to learn to make great breads and pies. Another vacation that would rock my world would be to travel to a big city(think NY, Chicago, Seattle), and spend a week seeing everything. I live in the country, so I'm probably different in wanting to get away TO it all! Have fun!

Beth's Apron from Heather

Two special vacations I'd like to experience:
A cruise to Alaska. My grandma went on one and loved it.
Driving across the US in an RV to visit state parks in the Mid-west or Western U.S. - I'm an East Coast Girl and have never seen Yosemite or the Grand Canyon or Four Corners or the Pacific Ocean so that would be nice.

Sibyl's Apron from Toni

i would love to go to Ireland, or the Grand Canyon.

Toni's Apron from Jill

My fantasy vacations would be Paris- I have always longed to visit the Eiffel Tower- or the Alps. I spent a few weeks in Austria in 1999 and am determined to return to those lovely mountains!

Amy W's Apron from Teresa

Fantasy vacations: 1) Visiting the Louvre and other great European museums to see all the paintings, sculptures, etc. from 1400-1950. 2) Easter Island (the one with the big stone heads in the Pacific several hours off the coast of Chile).

Teresa's Apron from Cindy

#1 I would love to see the rain forests of south america. The lush landscape, beautiful flowers and wildlife. #2 I would love to see southern France. The old cottages, wineries, lavendar fields. I'd probably squeeze in Paris too.

Melinda's Apron from Tammie

anything tropical and I am there....bora bora, the virgin islands, snorkeling, fishing, deserted islands and hammocks..... flea markets and open air markets...and of course the eiffel tower...I love the whole country french look....

Jessica's Apron from Amy D

~travel to Ireland just to see the beautiful scenery
~travel to a beach somewhere warm to relax in the sun and enjoy the warmth

Shawnee's Apron from Sherry B

I would love to win an all-expense paid shopping trip to NYC ... taxis, high heels, coach bags, luxury hotel suite, makeover, the sky's the limit! I would be a very lucky girl indeed.

I also really want to go back to Germany for a month or so to enjoy the delicious food, lush landscape, travel, go down the Rhiine again and recapture some magic from early in our marriage!

Heather's Apron from Jennifer F

One vacation that I have always wanted to do is drive a 55 Chevy convertible along Route 66. I'd also love to go to Hawaii - who wouldn't?!

Hadley's Apron from Ellen

I would very much like to go to the Netherlands. I want to see the textile museum, and that wild, cold coast.

I'd also like to see Morrocco. Perhaps in combination with Spain. Religion would be of interest there, as would the culture of the remaining nomadic peoples.

Sara W's Apron from Rachel C (made by Momomadeit)

Two of my fantasy vacations are either to return to Continential Europe or go on a Cruise (to Mexico, to Hawaii, to Alaska) ... those are the two things I'd really like to do! 

Marian's Apron from Kelly

Greece - It would be beautiful and I am fascinated by the archaeological history.
Outer Space - If we want to get even more "fantasy" about it! And I love all the retro-futuristic style things from the old movies and toys and such.

Carol's apron from Laura B

1. Martha's Vineyard - Gingerbread houses, victorians, white picket fences, flowers, ocean.
2. Mountain Cabin - Fresh air, pine trees, birds, boating, walking, fireplace, cozy.

Dawn's Apron from Trish

I would love to go wine tasting in Europe. Stop by Ireland for some beer. . .Mmmm. . . I would also like to visit Australia. Though I don't know what I would do. Probably laze about on the beach.

Harley's apron from Mara

I'd love to travel to Tucany, roaming the countryside and exploring the villas. I would also love to travel to the Outback, roughing it up with my hiking boots and my backpack.

Laura's apron from Jennifer

Texas or any beach in the world - third choice, Australia.

Kellie H's apron from Vickie B

As for Vacations, there are certainly two that I wish I could do, the first would be a nice Tropical vacation, but I HATE birds, so it would have to be someplace without birds. Hee! Hee!

My second choice would be an European adventure, someplace in Greece or Italy would be great..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Debye's Apron from Amy R

"I would love to go to Prague or just to some small villa iin Tuscany or Greece or any country"

Kathie V's Aprons from Kathy H

"I wish I would have gone to Italy, Ireland, Scotland or

I wish I could have time traveled to Colonial days or Marie Antoinettes time "

Lisa's Apron from Carrie

"Vacation Spots: 1. Italy 2. Belgium"

Victoria's Apron from Adrienne

"I have a love affair with the ocean, so my absolute dream vacation would be located somewhere sunny, where the water was a clear blue, where there was a hammock hanging under a shady tree but still over the water, and i had a stack of amazing books! I would also get to eat amazing food, spend romantic nights with my husband in a hut that overlooked the water (perhaps it is one of those huts that is on stilts coming out of the water?), and take horseback rides down the beach, and of course i would never get sunburned, and i would have unlimited drinks but never get drunk, and i could swim and play all day and not get wrinkled prune-skin. :)

Dream vacation number two would be to head to Italy with my Husband, and rent a car and just drive and drive and drive all over, learning about regional cooking and wines, and experiencing the culture. We would spend at least three months, and we would get to stop at local towns and take cooking lessons and wine making lessons and art lessons. I would paint and draw and eat and drink and come away speaking another language (which is a miracle because i have no apptitude for that!) "