Sunday, October 5, 2008

Victoria's Apron from Adrienne

"I have a love affair with the ocean, so my absolute dream vacation would be located somewhere sunny, where the water was a clear blue, where there was a hammock hanging under a shady tree but still over the water, and i had a stack of amazing books! I would also get to eat amazing food, spend romantic nights with my husband in a hut that overlooked the water (perhaps it is one of those huts that is on stilts coming out of the water?), and take horseback rides down the beach, and of course i would never get sunburned, and i would have unlimited drinks but never get drunk, and i could swim and play all day and not get wrinkled prune-skin. :)

Dream vacation number two would be to head to Italy with my Husband, and rent a car and just drive and drive and drive all over, learning about regional cooking and wines, and experiencing the culture. We would spend at least three months, and we would get to stop at local towns and take cooking lessons and wine making lessons and art lessons. I would paint and draw and eat and drink and come away speaking another language (which is a miracle because i have no apptitude for that!) "

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